About Us

Paul Drew Design is an urban design consultancy providing a range of services including master planning, and residential and mixed-use design. Experienced in national and local design policy, the current workload involves the implementation of large scale master plans on the ground. This include working with joint venture partnerships and others agencies in making best use of new planning processes, including design codes. Typical outputs are detailed master plans and briefing for developers and affordable housing providers on urban extensions and brownfield sites. We will support anyone who is trying to break the barriers of delivering design quality on the ground. Our approach is to:-
· Create pragmatic links between the theory and practice of urban design
· Make urban design controls more effective and reliable
· Guide the aspirations for quality through the whole production of urban enviroments
However the act of designing new pieces of town needs more than the broad brush. The true support system for good projects lies somewhere between ‘Durability, convenience and beauty’ of P.M. Vitruvius (30Bbc) and achieving ‘a fit between a form in question and its context’ C. Alexander (1964).For more information about Paul Drew click here.